About TSTA

The Texas State Teachers Association-Student Program (TSTA-SP) is a professional education organization with chapters located all over the state of Texas. We are the student led version of TSTA, which is for certified teachers, and we are also affiliation with the National Education Association (NEA), which is 3.2 million members strong nationwide. Our organization serves several important purposes. One purpose is to educate future teachers on the latest issues within Texas legislation and advocate for changes in laws, new testing methods, and improved ways of communication between parents, teachers, students and communities. TSTA-SP also serves as a network for pre-service educators by coming together to share ideas, thoughts, and concerns about issues going on in Texas schools. Our organization is commited to providing outstanding and memorable pre-professional experiences and opportunities to dedicated future teachers.


TSTA-SP is not an organization for education majors only. It is a society for all who wish to touch the lives of children and young adults in a positive way. Currently, our Texas A&M chapter has over 200 members. We have members pursuing careers as elementary, middle, and high school teachers. We hold meetings twice a month on Monday nights for a total of 6-8 meetings each semester. At each meeting, we welcome knowledgeable speakers from Bryan, College Station, Houston, and Austin to discuss current topics and issues of concern in education. We also hold social events and participate in community service activities throughout the year.